The Grateful Dead (偉大なる死 | ザ・グレイトフル・デッド) is Prosciutto's Stand in Vento Aureo. 

Ken briefly acquired the use of this Stand in Bee Movie 2 by stealing the disc from a modified, alternate-universe Whitesnake, but was quickly thwarted.

Appearance Edit

The Grateful Dead is a humanoid torso covered with eyes. It has no mouth. It lacks legs but has large arms, and it walks on its hands, where each have four huge metal-like and segmented fingers evenly spaced around its circumference. Hanging from its waist where its legs should be are four segmented tentacles. The eyes all over its body gives it the look of a youkai.

Abilities Edit

  • Accelerated Aging: The Grateful Dead has the ability to cause people to age physically and mentally at an accelerated rate. This Stand cannot tell friend from foe and will affect all in its area equally with the exception of its user. Even infants would succumb to the effect of "aging", with their skin wrinkling and hair falling out, rather than simply grow into an adult quickly. Prosciutto can age himself to disguise himself as another person, and age someone very rapidly by touching them with The Grateful Dead. The rate at which people age is dependent on their body heat. The warmer one's body is, the faster they age. Prosciutto can increase the rate of aging based on body temperature and thus he can keep colder people alive, be them his enemies or a target to capture alive.