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Layton T. "Monty" Montgomery is the secondary antagonist of Bee Movie. He is a lawyer.

He is voiced by John Goodman who also played James P. Sullivan for Monsters, Inc..

Biography Edit

Bee Movie Edit

Layton T. Montgomery is the secondary antagonist of the Bee Movie. He uses his mad lawyer skills to try and stop Barry B. Benson from suing the human race, but fails. After the court case, Layton plays Pac-Man at the arcade, but loses, and to this day blames Barry for his loss.

Bee Movie 2 Edit

Layton T. Montgomery is the quiniary (5th) antagonist of the Bee Movie 2. To get Barry back for the death of Pac-Man, he resurrects his mother, a Cthulhu-like Eldritch Abomination, using the dark arts. He then instructs her to destroy Barry. Layton's Mum devours Vanessa's soul, and Barry goes Super Beeyan, punching the cheeky lawyer so hard that he shatter to pieces like glass, ending the Montgomery dynasty... for now.

Iku! Layton no ToraburuEdit

In this Japan - only anime, Layton T. Montgomery recieves a starring role.

Trivia Edit

Layton was at one point considered to be a candidate for a fighter in Smash Bros 4, but lost the ballot to Verne from Over the Hedge, another Dreamworks masterpiece.

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