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Ken is the secondary antagonist of Bee Movie. He is Vanessa's ex-boyfriend. In Bee Movie 2, Ken destroys the hive, killing thousands. However he soon gets his comeuppance when he dies of old age in 2068. His funeral was taken place on the 4th of December 2068. His corpse was later taken to the Krelman to be honey-ised.

Biography Edit

Early Life (Baby Ken) Edit

Much of Ken's early life was revealed in the Bee Movie 2. Ken was born on June 18th, 1979, in a Dominos delivery van (but he was made in the Navy). By the mere age of seven, he had already mastered the intricacies of the gun, and terrorised the town. Baby Ken is visited by Barry, Adam and Buzzwell, and they try to terminate him, which first sparks Ken's hatred for beemanity.

The Awkward Years (Teen Ken) Edit

This acne-filled age meant a lot for Ken: he read his first Italian Vogue and met Andy and Vanessa Bloome, his soon-to-be girlfriend (and then ex). He is visited by the time travelling bee trio once again, who trick him into thinking that bee stings are the perfect cure for acne. However, upon being stung, Ken suffered a milestone: his first allergic reaction.

Adult Life Edit

Bee Movie Edit

In the Bee Movie, Ken appears as the secondary antagonist, as he tries to exterminate Barry on multiple occasions with the help of his trusty Italian Vogue and Winter Boots, but fails miserably. Eventually, Vanessa dumps him, leaving Ken to be dragged away by Andy, contemplating revenge.

Bee Movie 2 Edit

In this movie, Ken holds an anti-bee meeting in his mum's garage with his mates (Andy, Italian Vogue, and the Winter Boots), and decides to destroy The Hive. Barry, Adam, and Buzzwell also travel back in time in a vain attempt to destroy Ken, but fail; Ken ends up obliterating The Hive anyway.

Later Life (Old Ken) Edit

Ken dies of old age at the grand old age of 89. His body is then (perhaps ironically) honey-ised by the time travelling bee trio.

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