The Bee Scientists are a pair of bee scientists. They are currently unnamed, although one of them is rumoured to be called 'Carl' (Cartoon Conspiracies #98). The tall one is married to Jeanette Chung.

Biography Edit

Bee Movie Edit

The bee scientists are first introduced to Western audiences in the Bee Movie, where they perform experiments on the unsuspecting Snotty Bee, such as blowing him away via a fan and beating him to death with all manner of weapons, such as Italian Vogue and Winter Boots.

Bee Movie 2 Edit

In this movie, the Bee Scientists play a small, yet vital role; it is they who create the time machine to destroy Ken, although, due to a printing error, it is only big enough for three courageous bees (namely Barry, Adam and Buzzwell). The Bee Scientists are later presumably killed by Ken, who succeeds in destroying The Hive anyway.

Goofs Edit

In Bee Movie issue #28, the Bee Scientists are mistakenly called the 'Scientist Bees.'