In the Bee Movie 4: Lost Cause, one of the councelors of the chinese government convinces Chinese Prime Minister, Chi-Long-Wang, to use his time machine to go back in time and save Barry from commiting suicide. After doing so, he brings him back to the dystopian future, where the entire world has converted to capitalism, and has to save everyone from falling into the clutches of the Mind-Fuck, a super villian so powerful he can give men boners in any situation imaginable. Soon after being brought back, he meets with one of his old pals, Xing-Fong-Buzz, who supplied him with weapons, such as his very notable "Buzz-Killer", a slightly modified version of an AK-74m, spray-painted black and yellow. Barry takes the plot along with him as he travels deep into the heart of America, which has now been renamed "The Center Of The World", and goes on a quest to destroy the heart of capitalism, the world's largest peso. Soon after he arrives at the holding room for the peso, Mind-Fuck gives Barry a nice, long, fat, erect cock, and gives his position away to the enemies. A grueling gunfight ensues, leaving Mind-Fuck disabled, and everyone but Barry dead. Barry, after making a witty pun about honey being bee semen, proceeds to "drop his fat load" into Mind-Fuck's mouth, making him suffocate to death. Barry then destroys the peso, and converts all world governments to communism. Carl Marx shows up, having been ressurected by ancient time lords, and they both proceed to rape Mind-Fuck and his minions. This goes on for about 8 minutes until some police show up, fatally wounding Barry. Barry says his last words, "That depends, on what 0900 means." as he shoots another "thick load" into Carl Marx's asshole, burning his intestines up, making their deaths both considered assisted suicides. John F. Kennedy addresses both of their funeral parties, and soon after gets assassinated, having his funeral party addressed by George Washington. The movie ends with a 12 minute long comedy blooper reel of Barry saying "Oh my lord, would you look at the time, it's jizz-o-clock!" in many different accents and languages. My personal favorite was him doing it in a French Accent, while speaking Dutch.

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