Bee Movie 2 is the second movie of the Bee Movie franchise.

Plot Edit

After having enough, the sinister Ken plots with Andy and decides to destroy the bees once and for all by obliterating The Hive with his trusty Italian Vogue. After hearing this from Andy (secretly a double agent), Barry informs the Bee Scientists, who are working on a time machine, with which the bees should use to travel back in time to destroy Ken as a baby. However, due to a printing error, the time machine is only the right size for 3 bees; namely Barry, Adam and Dean Buzzwell. Barry says his goodbyes to Vanessa and plunges into the time portal.

Meanwhile, Layton T. Montgomery has plans to dabble in the black arts in order to resurrect his Mother. His mother turns out to be a Cthulu-like Eldritch Abomination, and Layton instructs her to destroy the bees due to the fact that, after the trial with Barry, he lost a game of pac-man at the arcade and blames Barry for his loss.

Barry, Adam and Buzzwell have adventures fighting Baby Ken, Teen Ken, and even Old Ken, when Barry hears the news that Layton's Mother has devoured Vanessa's soul. Barry goes Super Beeyan and punches Layton so hard that he shatters to pieces like glass. Adam tries to calm Barry down, but he himself falls victim to Barry's Super Beeyan powers - his skin peels off lie a banana, and each of his remaining pulsating organs slowly ooze blood until Adam is just a pile of withered bee remains and a sandwich sword thing. With all three loves of his life dead, Barry sees no reason to live and purposefully flies underneath one of Ken's winter boots, killing himself. Upon bee-ing (get it?) asked about the demise of Adam and Barry, Buzzwell simply said that they were 'dead, deadified, dead, dead, dead from the neck up, dead from the neck down, but that's life.'

Ken successfully destroys The Hive. Layton's Mother is dragged away by Andy. The End.

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