Andy is a character from the Bee Movie franchise. He was best friends with Ken, but is now his enemy. He has a wife called Andina. He constantly switches alliances between good and evil, making him an unpredictable character.

Biography Edit

Bee Movie Edit

In this movie, Andy is an antagonist. He is first seen discussing Ken's resume with Andina, when he nearly eats Barry and Tortilla Chip. However, Ken soon informs Andy of Barry's presence, and Andy panics. He is later seen at the end of the movie, dragging Ken away.

Bee Movie 2 Edit

Andy returns in Bee Movie 2 as an antagonist and protagonist. He joins Ken's anti-bee meeting along with Italian Vogue and the Winter Boots, but soon betrays them all, informing Barry of Ken's plans to destroy The Hive. His final appearance sees him dragging off Layton T. Montgomery's mother.

Trivia Edit

Despite having a (disputably) major role in the original Bee Movie, Andina does not appear in the sequel. It is possible that, due to his unpredictable nature, Andy may have killed her offscreen.